About Us

Shopalong is a mobile community where you get paid for completing fun and rewarding assignments that happen at the places you go every day. Our goal is to build the best shopper community out there by offering our members great rewards, fast payment after completing assignments, outstanding community support and useful information about their shopping habits.

Shopalong is run by Purchased, a market research firm that works with consumer brands. Do you have a question or need support? Please send a message to Shopalong support and we will get right back to you.

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Your Shopalong Sidekicks

Do you want to know who is behind the scenes at Shopalong?

The people helping you make your Shopalong experience nothing but spectacular every day, are in fact, people.

These are your “Shopalong Sidekicks”:




Rachel recently graduated from Northeastern University.

Her favorite hobby is volunteering at the MSPCA.

She is excited to be a new mom to her recently adopted cat, Rafi.






Walter is the founder of Purchased. He enjoys playing tennis with his kids.

When he is not on the court, or being your Shopalong Sidekick, he likes to

hone his skills at eating chocolate chip cookies.



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